Umanism llc

New York


422 East 89th Street
New York, NY, 10128
United States

Umanism is a platform to support European Arts in NYC. We provide art consultancy services, communication and complete support to artists, individuals, schools, institutions and universities.



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Umanism is the crasis between the italian word "Umanesimo" and the english word "Humanism". Our mission is to become a movement representing the desire to open our lives through knowledge and research: two essential conditions for the development of a new Renaissance that coincides with the rhythm of our contemporary world. 

The rebirth of civilization is an expression of will, intelligence, and the determination to overcome our difficulties. Culture, art, and creativity are expressions derived from our collective values and are the keys to open any human being’s heart; the antidotes for the uniformity of globalization. The return of our awareness toward these values is urgent, for the uniqueness they carry are the fundamental purposes of our human nature, and can create harmony amongst us and our natural environment. 

Italian and European talents stems from culture of beauty and the fruit of our history. It is the element that characterizes us, as well as represents the true source that could lead to a rebirth in economic and social ethics.

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