Umanism llc

New York


422 East 89th Street
New York, NY, 10128
United States

Umanism is a platform to support European Arts in NYC. We provide art consultancy services, communication and complete support to artists, individuals, schools, institutions and universities.


Some of the services we provide to artists and institutions

New York really is the world's number one land of opportunity, the place where artists and people of all nationalities have gathered to look for freedom, prosperity and success. 

Yet without a visa or a clearly developed plan it can be a challenging and dispersive place, and it is rather naive to believe that doors will open instantly.

Our experience has helped us to develop a series of highly customized services for culture professionals, to support and expand their projects, while offering a reliable locally-based reference point to help you in each step, from logistics to bureaucracy, so that you can focus solely on the content of your project. 

Our support will help you to identify and clarify your goals, receive a honest feedback and save money in the long run.

We have established an broad professional network to empower you to take the most out of your New York enterprise.

You devise the project, we think of the rest


  • Artistic and cultural promotion
  • Project development to identify effective strategies 
  • Career consultancy and coaching
  • Press Office
  • Marketing Office
  • Media and Institutions relations management 
  • Advertising material printing and design
  • Professional Translations
  • Planning and execution of Gala and Welcome events
  • legal consultancy
  • Accommodation support 
  • Location managing and support, to identify the appropriate space for each project.
  • Problem Solving: technical equipment rental and staging support.


  • .Cultural Events Planning and Management, with a special focus on performing, visual and fine arts, design, craftsmanship, food, fashion and design events. 
  • Art and Marketing Connection, through our partnership with restaurants, galleries, ad exhibition places. 



  • Educational projects, masterclasses and workshops.
  • Commission-based project development
  • Art Consultancy
  • Marketing and Management