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Umanism is a NYC based company. Our mission is to build strategies to promote contemporary culture and talent between Italy and NYC


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A Corona Works presents Impossible Love choreographed by Kristian Cellini and Just Joy choreographed by Guido Tuveri

Umanism LLC

Impossible Love / Just Joy
A Corona Works

Thu February 16 – Sat February 18, 2016 -  8:00 pm

Gibney Dance

Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center

280 Broadway (Entrance at 53 A Chambers Street) New York

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                                                                                                    Alessandra Corona (©Giorgio Russo)

                                                                                                    Alessandra Corona (©Giorgio Russo)

A Corona Works will be presenting "IMPOSSIBLE LOVE" choreographed by Kristian Cellini and “JUST JOY” choreographed by Guido Tuveri,  the preview of the two original works starting at Gibney Dance Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center in New York prior to opening next June at the Baruck Theatre in New York

Alessandra Corona started A Corona Works in New York City to create and develop new multi-disciplinary projects. Corona’s goal is to make artistic works that integrate dance, music, theater, video and film arts, for presentation in the United States and around the world. Her passion is to create art collaborating with high-level professional artists from different performing art disciplines. 

Impossible Love is a new dance-theater production choreographed by the innovative Italian choreographer Kristian Cellini. The inspiration and atmosphere comes from the romance ‘ The Lady of the Camellias’, revised in a contemporary version.

Cellini’s work highlight the sentimental and passionate aspects of the eternal love between the main characters, with the help of a narrator and the original music by Thomas Lentakis. The expressive peak in the choreography will be emphasized by the music of Frederic Chopin.

Just Joy, choreographed by Guido Tuveri, is a collaboration with the artists celebrating the stages of life. It aims to show how even in times of difficulties and sorrow, dance will always bring passion and joy. The original music is by the American composer Thomas Lentakis.

Please join us at Gibney Center. 

A Corona Works presents

Impossible Love by Kristian Cellini / Just Joy by Guido Tuveri


Alessandra Corona, James Johnson, Maria Vittoria Villa, Dannon O'Brien,

Nicholas Montero, Cassandra Orefice

Narrator: Fulvio Della Volta

Original Music: Thomas Lentakis

Production manager: Valeria Orani

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