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Umanism is a NYC based company. Our mission is to build strategies to promote contemporary culture and talent between Italy and NYC


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The Neighbors - reading @The Brick

Umanism LLC

I Vicini (Hystrio Prize 2013)
by Fausto Paravidino
Translated by Jane House ©2017

May 19, 2018 (12.00) The Brick - 579 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn 11211
InScena Festival 2018 (book here)



Reading directed by Chuck Obasi
He - Giacomo Rocchini
Greta - Adriana Rossetto
Chiara - Christine Renee Miller
Husband - Nabil Viñas
The Old Lady -  Christine Smith

The Neighbors is a play about our fears. About our imaginary fears, about our real fears. About our real fears which are our imaginary fears. It’s a play about ourselves, about others, about ourselves and others, about faraway Neighbors, about war, about what is real, about what is imagined,  about what is real because it’s imagined.  A bit like certain ghosts, a bit like some theatre.

Play selected for the first edition of Italian Playwrights Project