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Umanism is a NYC based company. Our mission is to build strategies to promote contemporary culture and talent between Italy and NYC


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Rolling NYC photo exhibition by Gino Ale at Piccolo Cafè opening March 1st

Umanism LLC

Piccolo Cafè is not just a place where daily-prepared Italian food is served , but also a place where worldwide artists and talents meet together to catch up, follow up on a project, network and find support to market their work in NY. An opportunity which Umanism could not possibly miss!
Thirty-three-year-old Venezuelan artist Gino Alejandro will launch his first exhibition at Piccolo Cafè located at 274W 40th street in Manhattan on March 1st
Here you will be able to catch the spirit of the city, get to know us and meet our friends. You will also catch a glimpse of how il feels like to live in NY - all through a black and white footage filtered by the eyes of a young photographer . Alejandro's work shows his meticulous  study of light, and his passion about buildings and people, faces and souls, randomly caught during the day. His journey  is a black and white journey made at a different time of the day.  A day walking in NY with Gino and his camera, lens and his love for details is like going back and forth and being able to observe past and present of the City with a contemporary eye , where the future has become our present and is intertwined with our past and with those who settled here before us . Here the City is Itself the main feature hence the choice of black and white .

Gino Alejandro is a current student AT the New York Institute of Photography. He moved to NY to accomplish HIS dream, identify the magic of NY - capital of the world, under a different perspective. He also contributes to @rollingthecities  instagram project with two other photographers that capture the essence of Barcelona, Spain and Buenos Aires in Argentina.

instagram @ginoalejandro @piccolocafenyc