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Umanism is a NYC based company. Our mission is to build strategies to promote contemporary culture and talent between Italy and NYC

Italian Playwrights Project - second edition 2017/2019


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Italian Playwrights Project - second edition 2017/2019

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After the success of the first edition of the Italian Playwrights Project (IPP, 2015/16) and a special evening dedicated to the work of Stefano Massini last year, once again Valeria Orani, Director of  Umanism NY, with Frank Hentschker, Director of the Segal Center (Graduate Center – CUNY) will collaborate to present to the american audience a selection of the most rappresentative italian dramaturgy.

The initiative will bring some of the brightest, innovative, and most engaging playwrights from Italy to New York to develop their pieces through translation into English and public readings of the work. The Italian Playwrights Project plays an important role in introducing contemporary writing from Italy to the US. The project restarted an artistic dialogue between the two countries which has been sporadic over the last 30 years.

Participants of 2015/16 IPP included Lucia Calamaro, Daria Deflorian & Antonio Tagliarini, Fausto Paravidino, and Michele Santeramo.

For the first time US playwrights will also be presented in Rome, Italy on December 14th, 2017 thanks to the collaboration between 369gradi Italia, Teatro Vascello Roma, ExPopTeatro Sardegna, and American University of Rome

The final selection of the Italian playwrights by the American Advisory Board on the Italian Advisory Board suggestion for the new edition is:

L'ORIZZONTE DEGLI EVENTI (The Horizon of the Events)
by Elisa Casseri

MIO EROE (My Hero)
by Giuliana Musso

UN QUADERNO PER INVERNO (A Notebook for the Winter)
by Armando Pirozzi

by Fabrizio Sinisi

Italian Playwrights Project is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute of New York - Directed by Giorgio Van Straten

Media Partner of Italian Playwrights Project in New York and of American Playwrights Project in Roma is RADIO3 RAI.

The upcoming anthology of New Plays from Italy from the 2015 IPP has been translated thanks to a grant by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.


US Advisory Board:

Keith Josef Adkins (Artistic Director, New Black Fest)

Marvin Carlson (Professor of Theatre, The Graduate Center, CUNY)

Anne Cattaneo (Dramaturg and Director, LCT Directors Lab, Lincoln Center Theatre)

Migdalia Cruz (US Playwright)

Mia Chung (US Playwright)

Marco Calvani (Italian Playwright and Director based in New York)

Frank Hentschker (Segal Center, The Graduate Center, CUNY)

Kate Loewald (Artistic Director, The Play Company)

Bonnie Marranca (PAJ, Publisher Performing Arts Journal)

Terry Nemeth (Publisher, Theatre Communications Group, Inc.)


Italian Advisory Board:

Simone Bruscia (Writer, Producer, Director of Riccione Teatro)

Roberto Canziani (Theatrical Critic for Il Piccolo, University of Udine

Graziano Graziani (Journalist, Radio Conductor RAI Radio 3 – Italy)

Stefano Massini (Playwright)

Valeria Orani (Producer, Artistic Director Umanism NY – 369gradi Italy)

Debora Pietrobono (Italian dramaturgy and dramatic critic)

Giulia Delli Santi (Director of Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, Apulia Theatre Network)

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